Since 1942, HOTSTART has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of heating systems that improve engine and equipment reliability. With over 75 years of experience, the company continues to provide high quality, reliable preheating systems to customers needing easy engine starts, immediate full power and reductions in maintenance, fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

Over the years, HOTSTART has grown from a small, local manufacturer in Spokane, Washington, USA into a global provider of thermal management systems. As we’ve grown, HOTSTART has opened offices around the world to provide customers with localized sales and customer service support.

The culture and caring for people that started in Spokane in 1942 is still strong today and extends to our global locations. We are all about the people. We support our people personally and professionally, celebrating our successes together as we grow our industry leadership, develop innovative new products and expand into new markets. 

Our Mission

We make lives better with our products and people. We design and build the highest quality products and provide the best personal service to our customers in global industrial markets. We listen to them, exceed their expectations and give them an exceptional experience. We are growing our engine heating leadership around the world, developing innovative new products and expanding into new markets. We are stewards of our future committed to personal, professional and company growth.

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