Made from pressure die-cast aluminum tanks, HOTSTART’s SB series of heaters are the compact, heavy-duty solution for aftermarket applications requiring heat for your diesel or gas engine. Featuring a built-in high-limit thermostat, optional flow-through control thermostat, attached power cord and multiple heat power and voltage options, end users will appreciate this heater’s simple plug and play operation.

Mounted externally from the engine block and utilizing convection – the natural rising of heated fluid – thermosiphon heaters require no additional pump and can be installed on a wide range of engines without requiring a specific part to conform to the water jacket. This adaptable and effective heating system makes thermosiphon heaters the ideal option for a wide variety of engine heating applications.

Preheating diesel or gas engines ensures they are ready to start and assume full load quickly with minimal wear to critical components. Industries that rely on their engines or backup power systems to ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly, such as fleet vehicles, excavation, mining, data centers and hospitals depend on the benefits provided by consistent engine heating to maximize their equipment investment and eliminate downtime.

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