The CKM model heater is designed to be a true drop-in replacement for legacy convection-based systems. Featuring a mechanically-driven pump and a custom-designed pump volute mated to a stainless-steel tank, the CKM retains similar dimensions and options to convection systems. It can also be installed vertically or horizontally, making the upgrade to an efficient forced circulation system quick and easy. Designed for an extended operating life and peace of mind, the CKM offers access to all major operating components and includes a built-in air bleed screw and resettable high-limit thermostat.

HOTflow® engine heaters feature an integrated pump that circulates warm coolant throughout the entire engine at uniform temperatures. Constant circulation of the coolant eliminates hotspots that can deteriorate heater hoses, harm engine seals and diminish coolant life. HOTflow® engine heaters rely on fewer heating cycles – saving up to 35% in energy consumption while extending heater element life and reducing maintenance work.

Preheating diesel or gas engines ensures they are ready to start and assume full load quickly with minimal wear to critical components. Industries that rely on their engines or backup power systems to ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly, such as fleet vehicles, excavation, mining, data centers and hospitals depend on the benefits provided by consistent engine heating to maximize their equipment investment and eliminate downtime.

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