ASCO 185 Series Automatic Transfer Switch NON-SE RATED 260A NEMA 3R

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The ASCO 185 Series automatic transfer switch (ATS) are 2-wire control switches that are compatible with all 2-wire start systems from all manufacturers. The switch monitors incoming utility power. When the utility power fails it starts the generator and transfer the emergency load onto the generator. After the utility power is restored it will transfer the load back to the utility source, cool down the generator and then return to a standby mode. The ATS has an exercise circuit that tests the generator system every week. The automatic test feature can be set under load or under no load.


Amperage 260 Amps
Voltage Output 115-600V
Frame J
Current Limiting Fuses 480/600V Max. 200kA
Dimensions (WxHxD) NEMA 1: 24″ x 56″ x 14″
NEMA 3R, 4, 12: 24″ x 63″ x 18.2″


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Weight 50 lbs